Write-up and Recording of the #UMRG Kickoff Meeting

We have just finished the kickoff meeting of the Understanding Media Reading Group.

Technology Woes (Adobe Connect)

We had a bit of messy start with most of us (including me) struggling with getting Audio and Video to work in Adobe Connect. I therefore “stole” a set of instructions for Adobe Connect that should make things a lot easier next week. Find them here.

A Recording of our Meeting

If you can stomach the disorder, then this recording of the kickoff meeting does have some useful information. We discussed the technology architecture of the reading group, clarified some things around the weekly summaries, looked at some of the potential guest lecturers and introduced ourselves to each other. We also decided we will run a weekly quote competition.

Quote Competition

They don’t come more “quotable” than McLuhan. Every week we will run a quote competition. The “rules” are as follows:

  • Everybody can participate
  • The quote will have to come from one of the chapters we are reading in that week
  • Everybody can only send in one quote
  • The quote has to fit in a single tweet (incl. a hashtag)
  • You send in the quote by tweeting it with hashtag #umrgquote
  • We will vote on the best quote during our weekly webinar

Using the #UMRG hashtag

Everybody is encouraged to post thoughts, links to thoughts and or link to Twitter and to use the hashtag #umrg. I will put in some effort to aggregate and curate what comes by in through that channel and will repost it in the blog.


Do find me and connect if you have any other questions or thoughts. Let’s start reading! Up for this week are the introduction(s) and chapter 1, 2 and 3.