Recording of the Week 2 #UMRG Meeting

Easter and summertime made it hard for a few people to attend, but there were still five of use discussing the questions that Zane and Matthew raised. You can access the recording of the session here:

Week 2 #UMRG Recording

We managed to discuss whether we need to understand technology or should just use it (and the concept of suspending judgement), what McLuhan meant when he talked about artists, why artists are important, a few specific examples of hybrid energy created by artists and McLuhan’s perspective on the quantified self movement.

A big thank you to all the participants!


2 thoughts on “Recording of the Week 2 #UMRG Meeting

  1. I apologize for leaving so abruptly today. I received an important phone call that I could not ignore. It was supposed to come at nine by my arangements but it came when it came. I am confused about the schedule. I am not sure when my turn for summary is….please advise.

    • No problem: life happens!

      The planning for who will summarize when is available here. You are up for week 5, chapters 15-19 with a deadline of April 22nd. I will send you a reminder a few days in advance.

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