Recording of the Week 3 #UMRG Meeting

Please find a recording of this week’s meeting, a guest lecture by Daniel Erasmus on Hot and Cold Media and McLuhan’s Tetrads, here:

Week 3 #UMRG Recording

I once again pushed the record button too late, but still managed to catch the interesting discussion about identity and consciousness.

We didn’t explicitly discuss the questions that were asked by the summarizers. Can I ask you to explicitly comment here on the blog on the questions that are asked by Glen and by me.

Once more, a big thank you to all the participants!

3 thoughts on “Recording of the Week 3 #UMRG Meeting

  1. Pity you couldn’t make it Norman. You are up next week, summarizing chapters 15-19 on or before April 19th. I’ll send you a reminder with full instructions on Tuesday morning April 16th.

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