Join Mark Federman for a #UMRG Discussion on April 29th

This week we had a little lull in the discussion around McLuhan’s Understanding Media. I moved the time slot for our weekly call and made it very hard for people to attend. Next week we will be coming back with a vengeance though with a short guest talk by Mark Federman with a good discussion following his talk.

What will Mark talk about?

Mark describes what he will talk about as follows:

What I intend to do is tie together McLuhan’s work from “the medium is the message” through Laws of Media, to demonstrate: (a) how Laws of Media (tetrads) were embedded (although not intentionally) in Understanding Media; (b) how to understand Media Temperature (Hot and Cool) in a way that is useful (which McLuhan himself could not see, which to me illustrates his genius that he created such a useful concept without cognitively or explicitly fully understanding its implications or application); (c) an extension of McLuhan’s work which I call “Media Equivalency” that is invaluable for contemporary analysis.

This would be a mash-up of several seminars I would do in a graduate course called “Applied McLuhanistics” that I used to teach at the McLuhan Program at U of T, plus several places around the world as a visiting professor.

Who is Mark Federman?

Mark Federman

Mark Federman

You can read more about Mark at his blog which has a nice split between “The Medium” on the left and “The Messages” on the right. I first learned about Mark through his excellent book McLuhan for Managers: New Tools for New Thinking.

The Logistics

The talk will be on our regular spot: Monday 29th of April at 16:00 CET. Click here for your local timezone. We will use the following Adobe Connect URL:

It would be great if you could speak and ask question, so make sure to look at these instructions if you haven’t used Adobe Connect before.

Let me know that you will be there

I don’t want Mark to show up for an empty audience. Can you please use the following poll to confirm that you will be dialling in?


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