What should W. Terrence Gordon Speak about

Great news! W. Terrence Gordon, author of many McLuhan related books and the editor of the edition of Understanding Media that I am reading, has agreed to do a guest lecture on May 20th (more info to follow). He has just asked me the following question:

From the most recent discussions, do you think there is some aspect of MM’s work that is of particular interest that I could use as a focus for presentation?

Suggestions in the comments please…


2 thoughts on “What should W. Terrence Gordon Speak about

  1. Hans, this is terrific! I’m very impressed that you’ve been able to attract so many knowledgable McLuhan scholars. For my part, I remain very interested in understanding McLuhan’s ideas so that I can adapt them into an approach that I might use in my work as an educational technologist. I thought Federman did an excellent job combining an answer to this question along with suggesting a series books by and about McLuhan.

    Gordon’s “McLuhan: A Guide for the Perplexed” contains a chapter called, “Using McLuhan’s Tools”. I haven’t read this book but I would like to hear his thoughts about how those of us who are new to McLuhan could go about doing just that. I’m sure my peers have other ideas too but this is what I would suggest. Thanks again!

    • Being able to get these people to talk to us is more a testament to people liking to talk about McLuhan, then anything I have done in particular (I am excited too)! I’ve forwarded on your question.

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