Recording of the week 10 #UMRG meeting

We just had a great discussion about the final two chapters of McLuhan’s Understanding Media. We took two of Lawrence’s questions and asked ourselves if we are now constantly involved in a war of the icons and whether there is an escape from it. We also discussed the (prophetic) role of the artist and debated if and how philosophers are artists too (plus could you make money with a philosophy store nowadays). You find the recording here:

Recording of the final UMRG meeting

As this was the last virtual call, I want to take the opportunity to once more thank Marcel de Leeuwe from Leerbeleving who has kindly allowed us to use his Adobe Connect account for these sessions!


2 thoughts on “Recording of the week 10 #UMRG meeting

  1. A highly valuable and enjoyable 60 minutes in which we demonstrated the effectiveness of some of the elements of your Socractic-webinar methodology. I am encouraged to keep looking for opportunities to bring further elements from your methodology into my interactions, both online and elsewhere, too.
    I am also looking forward to replacing ‘earning a living’ with ‘learning a living’ in my vocabulary!

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