The following people have explicitly signed up for the reading group.

  • Adele ‘I do research mostly’ Botha from CSIR (Twitter)
  • Anastasia ‘I deliver global learning programme’ Baybakova from Shell (Twitter)
  • Anne ‘I live and I learn’ Pietsch from University of Roehampton, London (Twitter)
  • Asako ‘academic librarian’ Yoshida from University of Manitoba (Twitter)
  • Dennie ‘I plan world domination’ Heye from Skynet (Twitter)
  • Ellen ‘I research informal learning networks’ Field from James Cook University (Twitter/Web)
  • Glen ‘I help others Learn Language’ Cochrane from (Twitter/Web)
  • Hans ‘Aut viam inveniam aut faciam’ Haringa from Shell (Twitter/Web)
  • Hans ‘I do technology, innovation & learning’ de Zwart from Shell (Twitter/Web)
  • JR ‘I design and evaluate programs’ Dingwall from University of Saskatchewan (Twitter/Web)
  • Lawrence ‘I achieve the impossible’ O’Connor from MediaOcean (Twitter/Web)
  • Marcel ‘I design powerful e-Learning experiences’ de Leeuwe from Leerbeleving (Twitter/Web)
  • Matthew ‘I try hard to understand.’ Furlong from University of King’s College (Twitter/Web)
  • Norman ‘I teach creativity and freedom’ Constantine from The School For Tomorrow (Twitter/Web)
  • Ñusta ‘I teach information and media law’ Nina (Twitter/Web)
  • Rhonda ‘I teach, learn, play, laugh’ Jessen from Alberta Education (Twitter/Web)
  • Richard ‘Founder & CEO’ Oliver from American Sentinel University (Twitter/Web)
  • Sibrenne ‘I facilitate (online) learning’ Wagenaar from Link2Learn (Twitter/Web)
  • Stephen ‘I recursively use word I’ Downes from NRC (Twitter/Web)
  • Steve ‘evolve learning through technology’ Dineen from Fusion Universal ltd (Twitter/Web)
  • Tatiana ‘I support people’ from Shell
  • Tom ‘I do instructional technology’ Nickel from Alliant International University (Twitter)
  • Valerie ‘I curate, share, teach, ponder’ Lopes from Seneca College (Twitter/Web)
  • Victor ‘I am a Doctoral researcher’ Nyamse from Glasgow Caledonian University (Twitter)
  • Will ‘instructional design and educational technology’ (Twitter/Web)
  • Zane ‘I observe, listen, think & write’ Kripe from Leiden University (Twitter/Web)

There also is a Twitter list with all the participants.


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