Art and Culture as Big Business

McLuhan talking about art and culture as big business. This is natural consequence of living in an information age. Education becomes business too. As he says: “There is no longer any gap between the campus and Wallstreet”.

UMRG Links, Thoughts and Comments #3

UMRG Links, Thoughts and Comments #3

Norman Constantine tweeted the following:

According to Norman: “Electric communication (the internet) has made school completely obsolete yet it hangs on with a vengence by the old power elite and will not ‘go quietly into that good night'”.

McLuhan taught me why it is that we call cowards “pussies”. On page 100 he uses the term pusillanimity. On Wiktionary this is defined as:

The quality or state of being pusillanimous; the vice of being timid and cowardly, and thus not living up to one’s full potential

Rhonda Jessen tweeted the following:

This refers to a piece on Mcluhan by Robert K. Logan titled McLuhan Misunderstood:

The purpose of this of this expository essay is to clear up some of the misunderstandings and misconceptions about his work. No attempt will be made to apologize for McLuhan’s scholarship or ideas, as no apology is needed. Rather the objective is to make his work more accessible to a larger audience and to identify the origin of some of his key concepts.

Well worth the read.

Al Jazeera English’ Listening Post devoted the complete show to McLuhan last Saturday in a show titled Of Mediums and Messages. They gave an very quick overview and history of McLuhan and then spent a long time interviewing Evgeny Morozov about his lastest book: