JR Dingwall on Chapter 20 for #UMRG

JR Dingwall has posted a summary of Understanding Media’s chapter 20 on his blog. I’ve copied the text and image below.

I have only had an opportunity to reflect on this chapter thus far, and will be unable to present my questions on Monday as I have a time conflict.

I find the comparison between photography and its subjects, and brothels intriguing and bothersome. It would seem that the interpretation of photography here is in advertising and the mass media. At the time of writing, the consumption of photography is by the group, but photography can still be produced in the same way the author states writing takes place – within the individual. It also seems that the artistic approach to photography has been overlooked.

  1. What aspects of photography have been overlooked here that divorce photography from being compared to a brothel? (The author does state that before placing value in something it should be examined.)
  2. How is photography understood in different disciplines and mediums? (I would like to hear about how photography is understood in your fields of study. How does it manifest itself, and how has it impacted your field from the transition of the ‘literary man’ to the ‘multimedia man’)

Lastly I have attached a small mind map of things that stuck out to me in this chapter. Perhaps as a follow up activity new topics or missing pieces in existing topics could be suggested.

Thank-you and take care.

Click to download as PDF

Click to download as PDF